I Say Tomato, You Say Tom-ah-to

I Say Tomato, You Say Tom-ah-to

Why do some people say tomayto and others say tomaato?

Tomato fight ~  "Tomatina" festival in the small Spanish town of Bunol.

How do you say TOMATo????

Tomayto or Tomahto

Canadians say Toe-meh -toe, eh!

Others say:

To-may-toe, Toe-mah-toe


Toe May Toh
Toh Mah To

Poh Tay Toh
Poh Tah Toe

to-may-to versus to-mah-to 

Because of the song, tomayto, tomahto 

has come to be used as an expression meaning 

“unimportant difference.”

It's not unimportant to me...

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